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Bespoke Website Solutions

All websites designed by us implement the world’s most popular front-end component library bootstrap. This is an open source initiative that provides the toolkit (scafolding) for developing and building responsive mobile-first projects on the web. It provides the layout with HTML5 tags, the rendering with CSS3 and interactions with powerful plugins built on jQuery. It is funded by Google and anyone can utilise it to their hearts' content. Your website will look perfect and work smoothly on any device as the content and images automatically resize to fit the screen. Thus, responsive website design comes as standard.

Chosing Your Pack

  • A basic website is often described as an Electronic Brochure, It is static and hardly any thing changes. Think of a public Notice Board
  • A dynamic website is where you have various content changing on a regular basis. A page might have a static section, while other section within the page will hold dynamic content. Another page for example "the Blog", will be all dynamic. The variation of static and dynamic content on a website will depend on the objectives, services and products provided by the site. The site designer will make this proposition to the owner after analysing the requiremnts for the site in general
  • Graphic assets for a website might come from the owner or be produced bespoke as part of the design process

It is imperative for a buisness setting up shop on the web to have some basic understanding of how this platform operates. in so doing, you will have a better perspective on how to position the merchandise, services or products you are hoping to sell.

It is our ability and experience accrued over many years to easily map this minimal information into a website application with content that showcases your business. This setup, allows you to focus on your core business deliverables. We provide the interface (including all graphical assets created by us) to couple your business with the global village (the web).

Once we have got the basics of your objective and the services or products you want to expose on the web, we will then proceed with designing the interface that will showcase your business, services, or ideas. In the design circle iteration, when we reckon a significant module of the project has been completed, we will make it accessible for you to view online and give feedbacks as we progress. Enabling you to make some amendments either of the written text or graphic assets we have designed and readily see the implications of those changes. Your website should be as unique as the services you offer, so it’s important that your site showcases them perfectly. We only go public (LIVE) once you are happy with what we have created.

Once our deliberations with you about the site and its content is finalised, going LIVE is only a click away. This is just the start of running your business on this global platform. Depending on the package or design option you have chosen, keeping it running 24-7 and 365 days a year rest on the ISP hosting your website. Like evrything else, the calibre of services provided by these companies vary in degree - stating the obvious maybe. Our experience in working with a myriad of ISPs' means we are better placed to judiciuosly suggest where your site should be hosted taking into consideration, the general annual cost, level of competence and their backbone infrastructure (latency, reliability and their detailed service level agreement).

ISP - Characteristics

  • Where are they based ?
  • What Telecommunication Backbone do they used?
  • What type Of Server Softwares Do They Used?
  • What Are Their Channels For A Redress?

In addition to all that is mentioned above, their capability or ability to migrate to a backup or redundant system in emergency situations is rather crucial. Where are the backups located - in the cloud, in another room in the same building or another location. These simple questions when analysed and answered provide a salient attribute for chosing a particular ISP

The site is now up and running so job done then? Not quite - the web is a platform were some things are a constant and others need to be looked after on a regular basis. If your website is very much static, then it is true that very little will change over a lengthy period. Static website are not the norm any more they are the exceptions.

Whilst you focus on growing your business, we’ll do the hard work and keep your website fresh. From creating new pages and adding new products, to a complete refresh of imagery, text and colours were circumstances necessitate. The backend software (server) will always be updated to adhere to the necessary changes as the technology (internet platform) addresses security and other technical issues as they come upstream. Thus, maintenance is a very important component of a website over all management strategy though not so obvious within the setup. We’ve got you covered.

Most Recent Projects

Your logo is the face of your company. It is often the first thing a potential customer notices about a business, whether they come across it on your business card, your social media profile or your website. It is an essential part of your company’s story and brand identity, and should occupy pride of place on all of your branding and marketing materials.

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