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The Polemic Social Media

Empathy a human trait we all possess in abundance has been ebbing away since "Social Media" came into the scene - arguably. Embracing new technology is what we humans do. We have come a long way from creating fire with the help of some flint and friction ( the latter a physical process we've now become accustomed to in a subject matter called physics). So when you hear people labelling someone technophobe because they genuinely feel social media is causing more harm than good, you should be very careful and cautious of snake oil salesmen.

The Confluence Between Artificial General Intelligence With Alignment

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance, the concept of artificial general intelligence (AGI) becomes increasingly feasible. AGI has the potential to revolutionize our world, offering solutions to some of humanity's greatest challenges. However, to realize the full potential of AGI, it is crucial to consider the issue of alignment.

Machine Learning - The Low Down

Machine learning is a rapidly growing field that has gained immense popularity in recent years. It is a subset of artificial intelligence that focuses on providing computers with the ability to learn and improve from data without being explicitly programmed. With its ability to identify patterns and make decisions based on the data it is trained on, machine learning has found applications in various domains such as healthcare, finance, engineering, medicine, and marketing.

Learning Never Stops
If It Does, Life Would Be Worthless

World Technology News

From The BBC

Scarlett Johansson 'shocked' by AI chatbot imitation
The star says she is "shocked" after OpenAI launched a chatbot with a voice "eerily similar" to hers.

Mind games: Hellblade returns to explore psychosis
An acclaimed video game series returns to shine a light on a misunderstood mental health condition.

Electricity grids creak as AI demands soar
Data centre electricity demand is forecast to double in four years, putting energy grids under pressure.

BT scraps digital landline switch deadline
BT has ditched its timetable to move landline customers from copper wire to digital.

Grand Theft Auto maker firms up GTA 6 release date
The latest instalment of the hugely popular series will be released in autumn 2025, its publisher says.

Pornhub partners with UK child abuse fighting charity
They want porn sites to adopt new voluntary standards on fighting online child abuse.

Reddit shares jump after OpenAI ChatGPT deal
OpenAI and Reddit reach deal that will give ChatGPT access to content on the social media platform.

Fury v Usyk: Can Undisputed bring boxing back to video games?
How a small British developer hopes to put boxing back in contention in the video game sports genre.

Facebook and Instagram suspected to be 'too addictive'
The EU says its concerned the platforms algorithms "stimulate behavioural addictions in children."

Sony Music slams tech giants for unauthorised use of stars' songs
Sony Music suspects Google, Microsoft and OpenAI have used music from the likes of Adele and Beyonce.

Period trackers 'coercing' women into sharing risky information
Research finds poor data management practices such as not being able to delete data about abortions.

PlayStation names joint CEOs after Jim Ryan’s retirement
The role has been split into two separate top jobs, dividing up hardware and software.

Christie's £670m art auctions hit by cyber attack
The auction house's website is down as it seeks to sell items ranging from high art to rare wine.

How AI turned a Ukrainian YouTuber into a Russian
A YouTuber falls victim to generative AI on Chinese social media, but the ramifications stretch beyond China.

Africa's internet vulnerability and how to fix it
The internet outage in East Africa highlights the fragility of the continent's online connections.

Upgraded ChatGPT teaches maths and flirts - but still glitches
OpenAI has unveiled a new, faster version of its generative AI tool, ChatGPT.

Unjammable navigation tech gets first airborne test
The test comes amid concern about the vulnerability of satellite navigation systems to blocking.

US bans China crypto-miner from nuclear base area
Chinese firm MineOne Partners has been ordered to sell land it owns near a US nuclear missile site.

Marvel Rivals apologises after banning negative reviews
The game's developers said the controversial terms gamers were told to agree to was a miscommunication.

GameStop shares surge as 'Roaring Kitty' returns
Shares in Gamestop, the original meme stock, surge again as 'Roaring Kitty' returns online.

Internet access linked to higher wellbeing, study finds
The Oxford study comes as concern about the impact of internet use prompts laws in many countries.

Is social media worth paying for?
As Twitter and Facebook both now offer paid subscription, what impact is it having?

Test-at-home kit for cancer patients approved for use
Patients say the device allows them to reduce the number of hospital visits involved in cancer care.

Apple apologises after piano crushing ad backlash
The technology giant apologised after Hugh Grant and others criticised the "tone deaf" iPad advert.

Disney and Warner to bundle streaming services
The media giants are under pressure to attract more subscribers to their streaming services.

Can we really 'reset the internet' to make it safer for children?
Ofcom has taken a major step in setting out plans to protect children online, but hurdles remain.

'Keep your phone on 24 hours a day': Chinese PR boss apologises after backlash
Baidu's Qu Jing tells workers she does not care for them because, 'I am not your mum'.

Tech firms told to hide 'toxic' content from children
Social media firms like Instagram and TikTok will have to make changes to comply with new online safety laws.

E-gates back online after delays at UK airports
Long queues built up at airports affected by a Border Force "technical issue" at passport control.

FTX says it has billions more than owed to victims
The failed cryptocurrency giant says it has billions of dollars more than needed to cover its debts.

US revokes licences for sales of chips to Huawei
The move follows Huawei's release of an AI-enabled computer powered by a chip created by Intel.

Microsoft axes four game studios including Hi-Fi Rush developer
The Bafta award-winning game's developer is being closed alongside other studios owned by Bethesda.

TikTok sues to block US law that could ban app
TikTok said the measure was an "extraordinary intrusion on free speech rights".

Tech Life: Help for cancer patients
The machine that allows patients to take their own blood samples for analysis from home.

Ros Atkins on... How different countries protect children online
BBC Analysis editor Ros Atkins looks at what what is being done to prevent minors seeing harmful content.

Protecting under-18s from harmful online content
Marianna Spring on how the UK's media regulator wants to protect children from harmful content on social media.

Tech Life: The mammoth ivory problem
Tech can play a role in combating the illegal trade in elephant ivory.

BBC Verify looks at fake AI-generated Met Gala images
Fake pictures of Katy Perry and other artists at the Met Gala went viral on social media.

Tech Life: TikTok world
TikTok is a popular video sharing platform, but not so popular with some governments.

How fraudsters are getting fake articles onto Facebook
Scammers are able to get past automated checks on the social media giant to try to defraud users.

Tech Life: Humanoid robots
Are they really that practical and useful?

Watch Ocado robots in action
Ocado has added robotic arms to its newest warehouse near Luton.

Tech Life: Fixing undersea cables
Undersea fibre-optic cables help keep us online - but what happens when they break?

Robot dog trains to walk on Moon in Oregon trials
US engineering team has a two-year, $2m grant to help Nasa study the Moon's surface.

Tech Life: Space Junk
We look at what space junk is and the risk it poses to tech we use everyday.

Tech Life: Predicting the future of tech
How will the internet, and other tech we use today, evolve in the future?

Tech Life: Charging electric bikes and scooters
What can be done to make charging them safer?

Neuralink patient seen playing chess using brain implant
In a livestream on X, the patient explained that he was using a device in his brain to move the cursor.

These elephants are dying on rail tracks - can AI save them?
Officials in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu are using AI to monitor elephant movement on rail tracks.

Business locked in expensive AI 'arms race'
Business leaders feel pressure to invest in AI but the costs are formidable.

The man who turned his dead father into a chatbot
The "grief tech" firms helping users create talking avatars of their dead relatives.

Cow dung's key role in India's energy industry
India is hoping that biogas, produced from farm waste, will curb its reliance on imported gas.

Will AI dream up the hit TV shows of the future?
Television production firms admit they are already using AI to come up with new programme ideas.

How the computer games industry is embracing AI
Developing computer games can be wildly expensive so some hope that AI can cut the cost.

The insect farmers turning to AI to help lower costs
Makers of insect-based animal feed hope to be able to compete with soybeans on price.

After 20 years, what next for World of Warcraft?
The game's maker Activision Blizzard was bought by Microsoft last year in gaming's biggest ever acquisition

How Chinese firms are using Mexico as a backdoor to the US
Chinese firms are racing to set up factories in Mexico to bypass US tariffs and sanctions.

Can AI help solve Japan’s labour shortages?
Japan is seeing if artificial intelligence can tackle its increasing shortfall of workers.

Why a deluge of Chinese-made drugs is hard to curb
Thousands of Chinese companies are making synthetic opioids and shipping them around the world.

'AI helps me to make wine for younger drinkers'
The winemakers using artificial intelligence to help them grow grapes and blend their wines.

The challenge of upgrading iconic steel windows
Critall windows date back to the 1880s but their steel construction makes them vulnerable to damp.

Boom times for US green energy as federal cash flows in
The US government has directed unprecedented sums of money at green energy projects.

The rise of magnets – from surgery to outer space
Magnets are central to much modern technology and firms are racing to make them more efficient.

Tackling deepfakes 'has turned into an arms race'
The battle against fake images, video and audio is becoming ever harder as the tech improves.

Could AI take the grind out of accountancy?
AI could mean fewer accountancy jobs but is also taking over some of the more mundane tasks.

India in undersea race to mine world’s battery metal
The country has applied for two new licences to explore the deep seabed in parts of the Indian Ocean.

'Journalists are feeding the AI hype machine'
AI reporters and experts discuss how well or otherwise the media covers the topic.

Once India's most valuable start-up, Byju's is now fighting to survive
The ed-tech giant is teetering on the precipice after some investors voted to out its CEO last month.

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