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The Polemic Social Media

Empathy a human trait we all possess in abundance has been ebbing away since "Social Media" came into the scene - arguably. Embracing new technology is what we humans do. We have come a long way from creating fire with the help of some flint and friction ( the latter a physical process we've now become accustomed to in a subject matter called physics). So when you hear people labelling someone technophobe because they genuinely feel social media is causing more harm than good, you should be very careful and cautious of snake oil salesmen.

The Confluence Between Artificial General Intelligence With Alignment

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance, the concept of artificial general intelligence (AGI) becomes increasingly feasible. AGI has the potential to revolutionize our world, offering solutions to some of humanity's greatest challenges. However, to realize the full potential of AGI, it is crucial to consider the issue of alignment.

Machine Learning - The Low Down

Machine learning is a rapidly growing field that has gained immense popularity in recent years. It is a subset of artificial intelligence that focuses on providing computers with the ability to learn and improve from data without being explicitly programmed. With its ability to identify patterns and make decisions based on the data it is trained on, machine learning has found applications in various domains such as healthcare, finance, engineering, medicine, and marketing.

Learning Never Stops
If It Does, Life Would Be Worthless

World Technology News

From The BBC

Plan to double power of e-bikes sparks fire fears
Cycling groups and charities have criticised government proposals for more powerful e-bikes.

Star Wars game cancelled as EA cuts 670 jobs
Electronic Arts says it will focus on its existing titles, as the gaming industry job cuts continue.

Winklevoss firm to return $1.1bn to customers
Gemini was co-founded by twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss - known for their legal dispute with Facebook.

European parliament revokes Amazon lobbyist passes
MEPs have accused the retailer of failing to cooperate with enquiries into its working practices.

Why Google's 'woke' AI problem won't be an easy fix
The firm paused its AI image generation tool after claims it was over-correcting against the risk of being racist.

What is Bitcoin? Key crypto terms and what they mean
As Bitcoin's price makes headlines once more, here's a look at some key crypto terms and their meanings.

Apple unplugs electric car project, reports say
The firm never acknowledged the project publicly but had recruited about two thousands workers.

PlayStation to axe 900 jobs and close London studio
The layoffs are the latest to hit the tech sector, which has seen big cutbacks worldwide since 2023.

Elon Musk eats humble pie over unpaid bakery bill
The world's richest man steps in after his car firm Tesla U-turned on a request for 4,000 pies.

Pokémon Day reveal reignites Switch 2 rumours
News about the next game in the popular Nintendo series gets fans talking about its next console.

More music leaving TikTok over Universal row
At first artists signed to the label were removed, but now writers are being taken off the platform.

Meta forms team to stop AI from tricking voters
The owner of Facebook and Instagram says the group will tackle AI content in the June 2024 EU elections.

Oprah and Nigella deepfaked in influencer 'manifestation' ads
Piers Morgan and Oprah have criticised the use of AI deepfake ads used to promote a "manifestation" guide.

Work to do on smart mouthguards - Townsend
Scotland head coach Gregor Townsend says "more work" is required to make smart mouthguards "correct" after an alert prompted the temporary withdrawal of prop Zander Ferguson against England.

AI chip firm Nvidia valued at $2tn
Booming business at Nvidia sees investors bet the AI revolution will live up to its "hype".

Google denies Gmail is shutting down after viral hoax
The tech giant says its email service is 'here to stay' after a hoax picked up 7m views on social media.

Leisure firm told scanning staff faces is illegal
The data watchdog orders Serco Leisure to stop using facial recognition technology on its employees.

The celebrities 'deepfaked' for US influencer's ads
Piers Morgan and Oprah have criticised the use of AI deepfake ads used to promote a "manifestation" guide.

'AI won't steal your job, but people using it may'
Hovhannes Avoyan, founder of picture and video editing app Picsart, shares his advice for our CEO Secrets series.

'I'd heard the big, bad, scary conversation about AI'
The women enrolling on artificial intelligence training courses to boost their job prospects.

Why firms are racing to produce green ammonia
Ammonia is essential for fertiliser production but producing it is carbon intensive.

Why some cyber-attacks hit harder than others
The British Library has been hobbled for months by a cyber-attack and experts warn of similar damage ahead.

The 'mind-bending' bionic arm powered by AI
BBC Click reporter Paul Carter tries out a high-tech prosthetic promising a 'full range of human motion'.

How AI is helping the search for extraterrestrial life
Artificial intelligence software is being used to look for signs of alien lifeforms.

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